Mobile Off-Grid & Green Mining Equipment
GSI MobileMax™ eco-friendly mobile gold and diamond mining equipment are available in three innovative versions; MobileMax-SW an "off grid" renewable energy powered plant, MobileMax-D a fuel efficient diesel powered with a 900AH or 300AH battery backup system, and the MobileMax-GT, the ultimate eco-friendly and low cost energy efficient "grid tied" version. The GSI MobileMax processing plants are truly the first of their kind offering a fast <30 day ROI and very low cost of ownership.
High Production Gold Mining Equipment
The GSI Mining Systems MiningMax high production, green based gold mining equipment are a direct replacement for leaching and mercury based gold mining equipment. Other in-efficient gold mining methods used in Africa, Central and South America, in-addition to the rest of the world include centrifugal concentrators, flotation cells, and amalgamation. All of these methods can be replaced with environmentally safer to use GSI specific gravity inertia based gold mining systems.
Eco-Friendly Alluvial Gold Mining Equipment
GSI environmentally safe alluvial gold and diamond mining equipment is available as stationary or mobile systems. Our eco-friendly gold mining equipment will capture gold as small as 5 microns. That's smaller than a red blood cell. If your company is going to make the investment in new gold mining equipment, make sure you get the most for your money. Our eco-friendly gold mining equipment offers the fastest ROI (Return On Your Investment) for mining operations of all sizes..
Solar Security Lighting
solar security streetlights
Mining sites continuously change. Solar streetlights will provide a greater energy savings, reliability, flexibility and most of all security for your mining operation.
Process Engineering Team
Process Engineering Consultants
GSI Mining Systems provides complete end-to-end gold mining solutions including process engineering services geared to save you money increase your efficiency & productivity.
Sustainable Energy Products
GSI provides the most complete array of solar and wind turbine energy products developed to reduce mining costs and provide reliable power to your mining operations..
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green gold mining equipment manufacturer
Mobile eco-friendly green "off-grid" gold, diamond and precious metal mining equipment for the new age of gold, diamond and precious metal mining.


Gold mining equipment

GSI Mining Systems is an innovative, eco-friendly green gold and precious metal mining equipment manufacturer dedicated to providing environmentally safe gold mining equipment for the world market including South Africa, Australia, Peru, Colombia, Russia, Argentina, Chile, Brazil, Tanzania, Mexico, Guinea, Venezuela, Zimbabwe, New Zealand, Bolivia, Ecuador, Guatemala, Honduras, Bulgaria, Nicaragua, Uruguay, and Costa Rica.


Gold mining legislation

In today’s environmentally conscious world, extreme attention is being paid to operations using chemical means including mercury, or other hazardous chemicals such as cyanide and lead that are currently being used in the recovery of gold and precious metals. Companies worldwide are being pressured to clean up their operations, provide a safe working environment for their workers, and most importantly stop polluting the soil and ground water surrounding the mine.


Green mining benefits

Mining companies need to be just as concerned about contamination as is the general public. Most of all government organizations need to recognize the hazards and adopt new eco friendly and green based gold mining equipment & technologies as a standard. The mining industry can now eliminate worries regarding hazardous byproducts or waste material left over from toxic gold mining methods. Our gold and precious metal mining equipment is eco-friendly.


Environmentally safe

GSI gold mining products only use water, mechanical vibration, and some biodegradable surfactant to prevent float gold from escaping. Again, everything is green and environmentally safe, thus avoiding "chemical permit", issues with government agencies, hazardous waste disposal costs, and most importantly, the extreme environmental issues connected with chemical extraction of gold, or other metals. The process is environmentally safe and 98% efficient.


Green mining solutions

green gold mining equipment

The staff of GSI Mining Systems are green mining experts. It's time to stop the risk and go green! You can do it! We will show you how...

Green Gold Mining

Energy reduction

Gold mining and gold mining equipment manufacturer

Mining companies today are looking for ways to reduce their energy consumption . Let GSI show you how with an energy audit.

Mining Energy Products

A company you can trust

gold mining equipment manufacturer you can trust

GSI's products are built from UL or IEC certified electronics and controls. Safety & reliability comes first..


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